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CANCELLED: A&E Network ‘Godfather Of Pittsburgh’ Really Just Pimp Of Nuisance Clubs, Tax Evasion and Negligence

A&E Network Godfather Of Pittsburgh Should Be Called Godfather Of Nuisance Strip & Night Clubs


The A&E Network premiered, The Godfather of Pittsburgh  featuring Vincenzo Isoldi last night,  I was excited for a Reality TV based show to come to Pittsburgh, I grew up in Pittsburgh, I really miss Pittsburgh, I was rooting for this show in other words.  After watching the, “Godfather Of Pittsburgh”,  let’s just say; as I watched, each scene was more disappointing than the previous scene.  It was especially  disappointing after doing some research.  We listed four of many red flags below along with our findings about the “Godfather OfPittsburgh” Vince Isoldi businesses that no longer exist which made him, “God Father Of Pittsburgh”


“You’ve never heard of me, people think I’m a gangster. I just do what needs to be done. Yeah, business is important, but when you’re Italian, there’s nothing more important than family. – Pittsburgh businessman/Reality TV Participant Vince Isoldi “

First Red Flag 

Vince’s Isoldi‘s businesses featured on God Father Of Pittsburghare no longer open. Filming took place in 2012 and possibly followed up in 2013 and 2014, but some of the businesses Vince speaks of were already closed according to people I know that live in Pittsburgh and know of “Godfather” Before I comment further, if I can make it another episode, we will have to see which businesses he mentions. For now, we will start with the ones below.

Angelo Isoldi  appeared on “Godfather Of Pittsburgh” Vince’s older brother, is seen tossing pizza at  Taverna 19. Guess what?Taverna 19 is closed.

Vince Isoldi  has opened several strip/night clubs, as this 2006 article says about Vince;

Vince Isoldi knows the drill. He is proprietor of two former venues, Club Millennium and Club Chemistry, which were on the second floor of a building along 19th Street in the Strip District.

The same above article lists another former business of Vince’s by calling him, ” Former Hair Salon Entrepreneur”. Vince speaks of changing the names of his clubs and remodeling them.  Then Vince goes on to talk another restaurant he owned “Isoldi’s On The Strip”, “Nightclubs come and go,” says the former hair salonentrepreneur, who owns Club Erotica in McKees Rocks. “You have to keep changing them. But a restaurant can be the same for years and years. It’s a foundation.”

Isoldi’s On The Strip”also no longer open.

People don’t open and change names of businesses for a hobby.  It cost money to do that.  The reality is: Vince Isoldi owns profitable strip club, “Erotica” and some buildings, for that, Vince Isoldi is named “Godfather Of Pittsburgh” in other words; this proves you can have zero screen talent and get a “Reality” TV Show featuring you as this person who owns all these businesses despite the fact most of them closed when or before filming took place.

Vince’s money maker is Club Erotica, here is some information other than the obvious. Isoldi incorporated a company called Stiffy’s Inc., with another brother, Franco, as its treasurer, in 1994. Stiffy’s operates Club Erotica and other businesses along Island Avenue in McKees Rocks, where Isoldi owns at least four other buildings he acquired between 2001 and 2004. He incorporated another company, V.I. Productions, in 1999. The treasurer for V.I. Productions is Jeffrey Fedele, a brother-in-law. source

Pittsburghlive found delinquent taxes for Isoldi. A record search show Vince was delinquent on several thousand dollars in taxes to different entities, including $4,000 to West Jefferson Hills School District, in 2003, $2,500 to Allegheny County in 2008 and $7,000 to Equitable Gas in 2009,Vince did pay up however, but with small amounts for them to be public record, I mean, A&E wants people to think the  “Godfather of Pittsburgh” is this successful businessman, that’s small change.

Vince’s buildings seem to be attracted to Arson insurance payouts.

Second Red Flag 

Vince Isoldi the “Family Man”

I respect anyone who works for a living, but when you go on Reality TV and make yourself out to be a “family man” and say, “family is everything” then the next minute you are complaining because your Brother in Law, Sam Perri, opened a competing Strip Club, “Club Controversy” then say your brother in law’s  business is “taking food off of your table” meanwhile you are bragging of  how many businesses you own as your touting yourself as a “family man” is not only obnoxious — it’s hypocritical. I hope this was just acting for a story line. I don’t want to believe this man is that selfish. Is Vince the only one in the family that can eat and provide for his family at home?  The“family man” Vince does not speak to his own sister, Rosa Perri  (at the time) over this.  How is that a “family man”? Gawd  forbid if someone else wants to make a living and not work under you so you can remind them of how much you did for them “family man”.

Vince Isoldi wanted other competing clubs closed going back to the 1990’s as well and made it public.  Only this “family man” can make a living and eat. This “family man” is the only one who can make a living because no one else grew up on hard times as Vince reminded us 100 times.  I’m sure editing had something to do with this, however, production is not doing this man any favors.

Third Red Flag 

Vince Isoldi and Sam Perri are Nuisance Business Owners

Sam Perri’s   (or is it Pat Nisha? Is Pat the business Partner? ) Club Controversy is not only a Controversy for Vince Isoldi  it’s a Controversy for the Neighborhood and Police as well.

Ray Jay who works for Vince in “Security” says;

“They throw you head first down these stairs, see,” “Right out into the street, and the police pick them up right out in the alley, no problem.”

Police were not saying no problem to Sam Perri‘s or Vince Isoldi businesses/clubs/strip clubs when called numerous times because their security was not appropriate.  When you open a Strip Club,  you can not expect the Police to be security, everyone is mad at you already for opening the “businesses” in the first place. This article quotes Pittsburgh police Cmdr. Kathy McNeilly , admitting  Controversy drains Police Resources after only a month after opening.

According to McNeilly, there have been at least three major fights at the club in the past month.  “When they have a fight that spills over into the parking lot, we have to respond from the South Side,” McNeilly said.  Police said the club is a nuisance bar, and they plan on going to the district attorney for help.  “We have responded there quite a few times for fights, and they’re draining our resources,” McNeilly said. “It’s just a bad scene.”
Controversy  shut down a month after it opened —  it has re opened since.

They show the opening of Club Controversy strip club on “Godfather Of Pittsburgh” with owner Sam giving a speech saying we did it.  The opening of Controversy happened in 2012 as the filming did.  The locals protested the opening of Controversy – there was a reason for Sam’s celebration speech. Residents threatened to take pictures of customers coming in and out and posting them of Facebook and used other tactics to drive them out.  When you see Sam blaming Vince, it was the locals.  I’m sure they played along with the script, they knew they were not wanted there.

What doesn’t sit well with me is; not only do these characters who tout themselves to be “family people” who are owners of Strip Clubs mind you;  there is a drug & alcohol facility is located next door to Controversy. I understand business is business, neither of them should be calling themselves “family people.”

I understand that Controversy is the Brother in Law and Pat Tisha’s club, since they are on the show; it’s worth mentioning.

Make no mistake, Controversy does not look as it does on T.V., it’s more of an eye sore than it is on T.V.

Controversy 2


Vince Isoldi Sued For Not Properly Training Security

“During a scuffle at the club’s entrance, bouncer Peter Castellano had put Mr. Aguglia in a sleeper hold from which he would never awake.”

The lawsuit also names Club Erotica, owned by Vince Isoldi, for failure to properly train or vet security personnel before allowing them to work and not creating a safe environment for a customer.

According to a McKees Rocks police report, officers watched a surveillance tape that showed Mr. Castellano wrap his arms around Mr. Aguglia’s neck and bring him to the floor. The guards then raised his limp body off the ground and propped Mr. Aguglia up on his knees, resting him against Mr. Gorsuch’s legs.

As a brawl broke out, McKees Rocks and Stowe police officers responded and cited two men for public drunkenness.

Mr. Aguglia was taken by ambulance to Allegheny General Hospital, where he lapsed into a coma. He died May 8, leaving behind a wife, a son and a daughter.

The Allegheny County medical examiner’s office said Mr. Aguglia died from an “enlarged heart process” that likely was related to a natural disease. But, aware of the altercation, medical examiners listed his manner of death as “undetermined” — not committing to a label of homicide, accidental or natural death.

Following an investigation by Allegheny County homicide detectives, the district attorney’s office decided there wasn’t sufficient probable cause to charge anyone.

More than a year later, the Aguglia family approached attorney David Ainsman about a lawsuit.

“I thought it was another example of security in a bar — or in this case, an adult entertainment club — overreacting in a situation that causes a severe injury or death,” Mr. Ainsman said.

“This was completely unnecessary. This man did not have to die.”

A building Vince owns where he leased it to be a night club, a 23 year old female was murdered on New Years in 2012 and the club that was subsequently shut down. 

I know by me saying; Vince’s buildings seem to be attracted to Arson insurance payouts and the New Years Eve shooting and murder, one could say, ‘Vince is just the land lord”,  rather you are night club/strip bar owner or rent the building, Vince Isoldi should be a little smarter who he rents his buildings out too, this is not the first, second, third, time Vince Isoldi rented to someone and something bad happened because lack of security or just expected to be paid for the liquor license.  There are several incidents of  Vince’s Strip & Night Clubs owned by Vince Isoldi has issues, I am not talking common issues either. Rather they are your clubs or just your buildings —  be responsible, especially to who you rent too, “Godfather”.

Fourth Red Flag 

Bad Editing and is this even legal?

This is where the show’s producers ( Renegade 83 in association with Brookline Ice Films and Grainey Pictures) comes in and  will surely cause some viewers to question just how real the show is.  We all have said; “When I was this age I was working” but come on. Really?  An 11 year old interviewing people for a job for the limousine service? With cameras? We know here at Reality TV Scandals know what goes into making Reality TV — those weren’t real applicants and you know they signed forms.  I am sure Vince Isoldi does delegate responsibilities to his children hoping they will be responsible, think of it this way: if you walked in for an interview and an 11 year old was conducting the interview? I would guess it would depend on how bad you needed the job and if you were asked ahead of time. Was it cute? Not really.Is it even legal in the first place? Child Labor Laws are going to be knocking at their door.

Did anyone take note of the changing seasons: One scene it’s 29 degrees and snowing, another scene you see everyone is wearing short sleeves and there were leaves on the trees?

Just a couple notes to end;

– I couldn’t help but notice all of the scenes were reenactments, so much for “Real(ity)”

–  We hope  it was the producers  (Renegade 83 in association with Brookline Ice Films and Grainey Pictures) and/or  A&E Network to name the show, “Godfather Of Pittsburgh” and not Vince ISoldi.   In our world, owning buildings and strip clubs does not make you a “Godfather”.  We are not saying being called that type of “Godfather” is a good or bad thing — just saying usually that kind of “Godfather” wouldn’t announce he was a “Godfather” if you know what we mean.  Vince’s brother, Angelo Isoldi  at the time of this writing did not  know who named the show or why the show was named ” Godfather Of Pittsburgh”  Is Vince Isoldi even qualified to be the “Godfather Of Pittsburgh in the first place

– Whomever decided on the name “God Father Of Pittsburgh” obviously didn’t do their homework. I don’t expect someone as rich as Donald Trump, it’s really not even about money or the strip clubs he owns. I’ll end it with: it’s no surprise the Mayor of Pittsburgh, Bill Peduto  did not know who Vincenzo Isoldi is let alone know there was a “Godfather Of Pittsburgh”. 

If anyone is interested, details of Vince Isoldi‘s Father In Law,Adolph Williams, crimes and subsequent prison sentence;  you can read about it  here.

What did you think of Godfather Of Pittsburgh? 

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