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RICO/MANN ACT: Playboy Recruits Known Prostitute Camilla Navarro from Uruguay

EDITORIAL: From the stories below, it would appear that Playboy is experiencing some major shakeups and as a result, they are now recruiting foreign prostitutes to work in the Los Angeles porn industry. They are also shooting porn right here in my state of Florida and I’m a wondering if there’s condoms being used. Shooting porn is illegal and is prosecuted under prostitution laws in the State of Florida (though Miami-Dade county, where this is happening, does not follow many of our nation’s laws. Organized crime central – Miami/South Beach). This is a no-brainer for the Miami vice squad. She is publicly known as a prostitute and she’s having sex in exchange for money. I’ll be making that call on Monday. Glad I’m laid off right now. I may be taking a trip real soon!

Both men and women currently working in the porn industry and those considering working there should heed this major development. This woman admits to living in poverty and resorting to street type prostitution to take care of her kids. Playboy is not only exploiting this female because they know her financial situation, they are exposing the entire porn industry to someone who has been openly prostituting in who knows what type of health conditions. STDs are a major concern with anyone being sold for sex and the industry is already disease infested due to massive industry negligence, international sex trafficking and government corruption.

Is this woman a victim of sex trafficking? She was brought to the United States for sex work. She crossed international borders for sex work. Our United States government let her cross our borders for sex work. When it comes to the Los Angeles porn industry and trafficking girls both into and out of our country, many crimes are being committed and blatantly ignored!

This woman was definitely brought here by means of international organized crime networking in violation of RICO and MANNS Act. And . . . Playboy is publicly flaunting that fact!




Alexandra Mayers fka Monica Foster commentary: Only about a week ago I wrote an article about how today’s porn industry producers and directors are promoting pornstars who openly work illegally as prostitutes.  I also re-posted a video in which pornstar Lisa Ann attempts to explain the difference between a pornstar and a prostitute.

As of late 2014, it appears that Playboy (who’s affiliated with pornographic corporate giant Manwin/Mindgeek) has begun recruiting South American prostitutes (specifically from Uruguay) to work in America as pornstars.

mia 3In the 2 articles below from Mirror.Co.uk & Urushow.com, a woman by the name of Camilla Navarro (who utilizes the name Mia Etcheverria) was recruited into the American Pornographic industry via her photographs being sent into Playboy.

Sounds a bit like international sextrafficking…doesn’t it?

article below from Mirror.co.uk

Camila Navarro, 20, was forced into prostitution to feed her family but now she is living it up in five-star hotels in Miami

A poverty-stricken prostitute who had sex for £20 a time to feed her family is now living a life of luxury – after landing a deal as a PORN star.

mia 4Busty Camila Navarro, 20, was working as a hooker in Las Piedras, Uruguay when a friend told her she was wasting her time working for such low money given her looks.

She said: “He told me that if I was going to work in the business, I might as well make it worthwhile.

“He sent pictures of me to Playboy in the USA and I was invited for a casting – I couldn’t believe it when I was signed up.”

Now Camila jets around staying in plush Miami hotels as she makes x-rated movies for a Hollywood-based agency – a far cry for her cash-strapped lifesytle in her impoverished homeland.

After adopting the name ‘Mia Etcheverria’ for the productions she has signed a contract agreeing to have sex with either men or women on camera – although she does have one condition.

She explained: “I have a clause saying I don’t have to kiss them – I would never do that.”

Camila added that the contract with Playboy was the opportunity she needed to provide for her family – but she admitted she hadn’t been impressed with some of the acting.

She added: “I think the male actors need to do a lot more training. We women are far more professional than they are.”

The story comes after 19-year-old student Kendra Sunderland was arrested and charged with public indecency after her DIY sex video in a public library went viral.

She later told of her desire to pursue a career in modelling.

article below translated into english from Urushow.com 

mia 1Mia Etcheverría went public arena from a note in the magazine FREE TIME .

There was learned that the youngest porn actress Uruguay ( 19) , and soon will know the depth when any of the 20 porno movies filmed display screen of the first and only Uruguayan channel the porn industry , DIVAS .

Mia was on Tuesday in “Algo Contigo ” and before a specific question Luis Carballo driver confessed that , for her, is the same make porn to prostitution.

Besides that I had to do out of necessity, because it has a disabled mother and a brother of 11 years to maintain “When I saw the empty fridge I said goodbye to them and told them I was going and do not ask me where I was going to get money ” .

Although started by economic necessity , Mia said his goal is to PRIVATE, one of the most important channels porno world , but do not rule out conventional cinema : “Many of the great actresses of Hollywood ripped doing porn movies ” he said.

In December ( or March ) , when starting DIVAS , will see if Mia Etcheverría has pasta to go far in this industry , she has faith : ” I put a lot of attitude ,” he finally said .

Manwin/MindGeek Releases All former Digital Playground Employees

I have gotten a lot of intel of late from inside Manwin/Mindgeek and Playboy  The most interesting being how the websites are being run.  Apparently Manwin is disappointed with Digital playground.com’s numbers and is going to try to use Brazzers to prop them up probably through some form of rivalry but even more interesting is that Manwin/MindGeek has released any employee who had any connection to the company before Manwin bought them.  All of them, every last DP legacy employee is now gone.

I’m told this was part of the plan all along. Manwin doesn’t want anyone at the company who isn’t part of Manwin’s inner circle and it isn’t just DP  it’s also other companies they purchased.

Increasingly interesting to me are the names of the people, specially the ones at the top…Greek and Russian.  There are a lot of whispers telling me that Manwin has VERY close ties to the neo facist Golden Dawn Party.

And at the same time manwin is rising to power who takes the heelm at AVN…The Sapoutzis and Vasillis Kailis  hmmmm….like I have been telling you all along…Manwin may or may not not own AVN on paper but if Feras Antoon or David Tassilo  says jump Theo Sapoutzis all but hits his head on the ceiling.

If you are in need of an employee and a former Digital Playground employee comes to you looking for a job give them a chance…It wasn’t their fault they got sold out…


The Mann Act, named for US Representative James Mann, is also called the White Slave Traffic Act of 1910. The Mann Act makes it illegal to transport a person into or out of a state, territory, or any possessed land of the United States for the purpose of immoral sex or prostitution. This law has been used to prosecute sexual relations between adults and minors, perpetrators of human trafficking, and polygamists. Violation of the law is a federal offense and a felony.

The White Slave Act of 1910 was actually introduced in 1909. Its sponsor was an Illinois Republican named James Robert Mann. The need for the law was based on stories that Chicago had become the home of white women imported into the United States and forced into prostitution. The act was made law in 1910 by President Taft.

The Mann Act was designed to discourage interstate commerce that related to prostitution, debauchery, and immorality. The still law focuses heavily on the movement of individuals. This is because the motivation behind this legislation was to curb immoral sexual activities, although it was deemed that Congress does not have the power to regulate such activities. Congress does, however, have the power to control transportation between states.