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While BET Awards Highlight Human Rights, Behind the Scene They Sex Traffick Their Own for Show’s Elites

EDITORIAL: Let’s just talk about the MANN Act for a moment. Knowingly bringing someone across state lines for sex work is still a crime in America. You think Barack Obama’s protection of pimps in entertainment over the past 8 years have anything to do with their brazen criminal actions here? We’ve heavily documented Porn Valley’s taking of sex workers across both state lines and international borders with little to no intervention by border patrol of Obama’s administration.

We’ve also documented Justin Bieber and Rihanna traveling as sex tourists to other countries and even Barack Obama’s secret service have been busted partaking in sex trafficking while on duty. Now this weekend, we have witnessed some serious hypocrisy happening in the black entertainment community. They like to incite the masses about how unjust and enslaved blacks have had to live in America. Well, seems while they cry victim in public, behind the scenes, it is just fine to enslaving their own. Especially when it’s their women!

Let’s talk about demand for a minute. Why you think they’re bringing girls in to service their elitist members? Because we all know there’s always more ‘extras’ than headliners and where do you think those extra girls come from? Pimps, of course. Where do you think the pimps get their girls? Any way they can. That is what pimps do!

We could also talk about the fact that we all know these girls were not just dancing for the elite members of the BET Awards show. We know at least some of them were being sold for sex. We know there was a likely chance some got hurt. We can place safe bets that some had to do things they didn’t want to do. 

While BET Awards ceremony highlighted human rights by presenting Jesse Williams with a humanitarian award and Beyonce surprised everyone by singing “Freedom”, these girls and women had already been sex trafficked across America to service the sexual needs of the celebrities in the audience.

As the show played on, nobody said a word about any of this!


STRIP CLUBS JOIN FORCES …to Import Highest Quality Ass



How’s this for rapper’s delight … 2 elite strip clubs are flying in more than 50 of the nation’s HOTTEST strippers to meet demand from thirsty ballers in L.A. for the BET Awards.


Ace of Diamonds L.A. and Crazy Girls have both jumped in on the action … and sources tell TMZ the strip joints expect to haul in at least $500k … thanks to a swarm of rappers who have expressed keen interest.


Some of the heavy hitters include Currency,Tokyo, Henny,Mercedes Foxand Malani Ca$h … just some of the most sought-after strippers headlining clubs in New York, Houston, Miami and Atlanta.

Get those bands ready.