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CRIME INC. TRUE STORY: The Italian Mob is Still Alive and Violent from Massachusetts to Florida

EDITORIAL: Considering we have active networks from both the Italian Mob and African Crime Gangs operating in America today, these turf wars are rather important to follow. Much of the violence our government and media either aren’t talking about or are not truthful in the coverage they are, is related to gang and mob turf wars and related organized crime activity happening in our own cities and neighborhoods. And much of it is connected to the Democratic Party throughout history. Union history will explain a good part of that as well!

To learn more about how these criminal organizations have infiltrated every aspect of our lives, watch these informative series. Once you understand what’s going on around us, you’ll understand who’s been doing what in all aspects of our government, from local to state to federal and then the White House. It’s all in these series.


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NEWSWEEK BY ON 8/5/16 AT 6:10 AM

Pasquale Parrello ordered his underlings to take care of the bum. The alleged mob boss didn’t appreciate that a panhandler was harassing women in the parking lot near his Bronx restaurant, Pasquale’s Rigoletto, so he told one of his soldiers, “Break his knees.”

When the wiseguys found the panhandler on that day in June 2011, they attacked him with glass jars and steel-toed boots, according to a federal indictment unsealed on Thursday. One of the attackers, Ronald “the Beast” Mastrovincenzo, was later caught on a wiretap speaking in code to describe the incident: “Remember the old days in the neighborhood when we used to play baseball?… A ball game like that was done.”


In a 32-page indictment that revealed the Mafia is still hanging around even after decades of arrests and long prison sentences, federal prosecutors charged 46 members and associates of five La Cosa Nostra crime families for a sprawling criminal enterprise with operations from Massachusetts to Florida. The long list of crimes includes assault, gun trafficking, loan-sharking and health care fraud, while the defendants’ nicknames—like Tony the Cripple, Rooster and Tugboat—evoke the bygone era of mob movies like The Godfather or Goodfellas.

“The indictment reads like an old-school Mafia novel, where extortion, illegal gambling, arson and threats to ‘whack’ someone are carried out along with some modern-day crimes of credit card skimming,” said Diego Rodriguez, head of the FBI’s New York office, in a press release.

reynoldalberti-nymafia-racketeeringReynold Alberti, 47, was one of 46 people charged with Mafia-related racketeering on Thursday.INEZ FRANCO/NEWSWEEK

Federal agents arrested alleged gangsters from four out of the five New York crime families, busting members of the Genovese, Gambino, Lucchese and Bonanno clans, plus Joey Merlino, the reputed head of the Philadelphia mob, along with made members and associates in Massachusetts, New Jersey, Florida and Costa Rica, federal prosecutors said.

The organization—dubbed the East Coast LCN Enterprise by the feds— “seemed to use every scheme known to us,” New York Police Department Commissioner Bill Bratton said in the press release. In addition to breaking legs, the gangsters allegedly poured gasoline and set fire to a car belonging to the owner of a competing gambling club in Yonkers, sold 17 illegal guns and made millions from untaxed cigarettes and stolen credit card information.

The feds said the organization also made money through a sports gambling business in Costa Rica and a health care fraud scheme in which corrupt doctors wrote bogus prescriptions for expensive creams and billed insurance companies. The alleged mobsters also shook down gamblers who couldn’t pay their debts, like when Parrello ordered another mobster to attack a debtor who owed him $30,000, prosecutors said in the press release: “I want Buddy to choke him, choke him, actually choke the motherfucker…and tell him, ‘Listen to me…next time I’m not gonna stop choking…. I’m gonna kill you.’”

Richard Mangan, a criminal justice professor at Florida Atlantic University and former Drug Enforcement Administration agent, tells Newsweek he was surprised to see such a large bust targeting La Cosa Nostra, as opposed to more active Russian or Mexican organized crime operations. “It may be twilight, but it’s not nighttime,” he says of the Italian mob. “There wouldn’t be an indictment like this if there wasn’t significant crime. I’m going to use this indictment in my course.”

All the defendants arraigned Thursday afternoon in Manhattan federal court pleaded not guilty. Bradford Wedra, who has a 1981 murder conviction for killing a man who disrespected him in front of his girlfriend at a bar called Fudgie’s, was arrested on racketeering charges. “They pulled me out of my cousin’s funeral last night, and I couldn’t go to the burial this morning,” he tells Newsweek. “Why I’m getting punished is my past.”

A woman who waited for one of the alleged wiseguys outside a marble-paneled courtroom Thursday disputed the charges.  “You see what my roof looks like?” she said to a friend about needed repairs. “Where’s all the fucking money they’re talking about?”

What Is La Cosa Nostra, Infamous New York Mafia? FBI Arrests 40 Members Of Five Families Organization

More than 40 members of iconic mafia families were arrested Thursday in New York City, the FBI announced. The agency’s Twitter handle revealed early in the day that those who were arrested were members from four La Cosa Nostra crime collectives, including the Genovese, Gambino, Lucchese and Bonanno families.

46 leaders, members and affliates of the La Cosa Nostra have been charged with racketeering conspiracy, arson, illegal trafficking in firearms, and conspiracy to commit assault in aid of racketeering. Of the 46 charged, 39 members have been arrested.

No reports have been made regarding arrests of anyone from the Colombo family, which makes up the fifth family of La Cosa Nostra.

What is the La Cosa Nostra? La Cosa Nostra, an Italian phrase which means “our thing” or “our work,” is comprised of five original Italian American Mafia families that have been notorious for participating in organized crime in the United States since 1931. The families originated from Sicily, Italy.

Who created the La Cosa Nostra? First formed during the Prohibition area, the Italian American crime organization was created by Salvatore Maranzo. The Sicilian gangster immigrated to the United States in 1925 and shortly after settling in the New York City borough of Brooklyn, he developed a bootleg business distributing alcohol throughout the city and neighboring New Jersey.

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